1 year with Jenkins X

Link to full Conference Talk

At the DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019 Conference in Lisbon, I gave a talk titled 1 year with Jenkins X.

In this talk, I shared our experience using Jenkins X at Dailymotion for more than 1 year: how we went from the “hello world” to the “real world” with the “most innovative Jenkins X implementation”.

I explained how we adopted Jenkins X and its new practices – both on the organizational and technical side.

I did go through our custom implementation of Jenkins X:

  • the integration of Osiris in the Preview Environments, to have auto-scaling to zero deployments,
  • the use of sops to encrypt/decrypt our secrets, and store them encrypted in our git repositories,
  • the use of Helmfile instead of Helm for the staging/prod deployments, to deploy on multiple clusters,
  • the use of updatebot to propagate new releases as Pull Requests everywhere, and merge them when needed

Unfortunately this talk was not recorded.

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