Jenkins X Projects

I started using Jenkins X in 2018, and since then I’ve been contributing to the project.

Since 2020, I started contributing more to Jenkins X by creating new components, mainly for observability - but also web UIs.

JX Pipelines Visualizer

The first new project I created for Jenkins X was the JX Pipelines Visualizer: a web UI to visualize the pipelines and their logs.

Continuous Delivery Indicators

Based on our work at Dailymotion around Continuous Delivery Indicators, I created a new Jenkins X project: CD Indicators, to:

  • collect various events from both the Kubernetes API and the git provider webhooks - such as pipelines, pull requests, releases, deployments, etc.
  • store these events in a PostgreSQL database
  • visualize the metrics/indicators through Grafana dashboards

Lighthouse Telemetry

The Lighthouse Telemetry Plugin is a Lighthouse plugin used to generate telemetry data, such as distributed traces for:

  • Jenkins X pipelines
  • Jenkins X gitops workflow

Lighthouse WebUI

The Lighthouse WebUI Plugin is a web UI for Lighthouse used to visualize:

  • webhook events (push, comments, …) and the related jobs triggered by each event
  • lighthouse Jobs
  • lighthouse Merge Status
  • lighthouse Merge History

Project link:

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