The main open-source projects I created. See also the list of my “source” repositories on GitHub for more.

Various OpenShift-related projects

In 2015-2016, while using OpenShift, I developed a few open-source projects on top of the Kubernetes/OpenShift APIs: integrations with Git, GitHub, Flowdock, Cucumber, and a dashboard.

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Jenkins Rundeck Plugin

In 2011 I wrote a Jenkins plugin to integrate Rundeck as a publisher, thus enabling Continuous Delivery pipelines using Rundeck to deploy.

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Rundeck API Java Client

In 2011, following the Jenkins Rundeck plugin, I extracted the code that talked to the Rundeck REST API into its own project: the Rundeck API Java Client.

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Flowdock to Elasticsearch

In 2014 I created a small Scala project to import data from Flowdock into Elasticsearch, so that I could play with Kibana dashboards and visualizations.

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Cascading Flapi

In 2013, I wrote a wrapper on top of the Cascading project to provide a fluent API.

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Paris DevOps

In 2011 I joined the newly created Paris DevOps group, organized meetups and wrote the website using Jekyll on GitHub Pages.

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